Can Cosmetic Dentistry Change the Look of My Gummy Smile?

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Change the Look of My Gummy Smile?

If you feel like your gums have taken over your teeth and your smile so that you see more gums than teeth when you look in the mirror, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer you’re looking for.

A gummy smile isn’t a health or hygiene risk, but it can be a problem for people who are uncomfortable with their gum-to-teeth ratio. At Silicon Valley Dental Associates, we offer several cosmetic dentistry options that can help if you want to change the look of your gummy smile.

The first step is for one of our expert providers to diagnose exactly why your gums are showing more than your teeth. Although several factors can contribute to this issue, the most common involve tooth size, upper lip size and movement, overbites, and overgrowth of your gums.

Your provider takes X-rays, determines gum-to-tooth and jaw line ratios, and checks your lip movement. These tests help them choose the best option for care. 

Here are a few potential treatments:

Gum lifts

A gum lift, or gingivectomy, removes excess gum tissue around your teeth, making your teeth appear longer. You don’t even have to face a scalpel; your provider uses a laser to gently remove the tissue and shape it so your smile has a better tooth-to-gum ratio. 


When paired with a gum lift, veneers can make a major difference as well. Porcelain veneers are custom-crafted for your mouth so your teeth look longer, but still natural. 

The tone of the porcelain matches your enamel tone perfectly. No one will notice the veneers unless you tell them, but everyone will know that your smile looks better.


When Botox® is injected into your upper lip, it causes your lip to relax — excess tension is drawn away. When you smile, less gum area is visible because of your relaxed lip muscles. This technique works especially well if your gummy smile is caused by overactive lip muscles.


In some cases, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to get your teeth straight and level. This helps move them upward, which allows your upper lip to hide your gums and show less gum tissue when you smile.

If you think you have a gummy smile and want to do something about it, contact us at Silicon Valley Dental Associates and ask about any of these cosmetic dentistry options. Just call our office in Sunnyvale, California, to set up your first appointment. We’d love to help!

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