Common Dental Issues We Can Address With a Smile Makeover

Are you frustrated or self-conscious about flaws in your smile? From chips and cracks to stains and alignment issues, our team of cosmetic and implant dentists at Silicon Valley Dental Associates in Sunnyvale, California, have you covered this spring.

Our complete smile makeover lets you create a custom plan for your total dental transformation. Here are some of the dental issues we typically cover in a complete smile makeover.

Dental issues we can treat with your smile makeover

If you’re not content with the color of your teeth, a smile makeover can address that. You might opt for in-office teeth whitening treatments with Opalescence™ or prefer to use our professional grade take-home teeth whitening trays.

Whether you're considering professional whitening to reveal a gleaming smile or porcelain veneers to enhance your look, we can help you to achieve your cosmetic dentistry goals. Porcelain veneers on one or more of your teeth can improve evenness of your teeth’s color and shape.

Your smile makeover takes structural issues with your teeth into account. Veneers may also be helpful in supporting chipped or cracked teeth. 

Extensive tooth decay will need fillings, hand-matched in color with your natural teeth. You may also need a crown to protect a damaged tooth. Porcelain or resin crowns blend right into your smile, so no one can tell that they aren’t your natural teeth.

Putting together your personalized plan

Everyone’s dental needs are different, so no two smile makeovers at Silicon Valley Dental Associates are exactly the same. 

To start your smile makeover, we review your dental health and discuss your dental goals. We cover function and aesthetics, aiming to have you looking and feeling your best by the end of your makeover.

Your smile makeover will include at least two appointments. More invasive treatments like dental implants can take as many as six appointments to complete. At your initial consultation, we go over the process that your makeover will follow.

You can explore your options, learn about new treatments, and look at before and after photos so you see how specific procedures could transform your teeth. 

We take exterior and intraoral photos of your mouth at this time and may take digital and/or 3D X-rays to help us understand your dental and oral health care needs.

Before and during the process of your full smile makeover, we communicate with you about your goals, concerns, and even the costs associated with the treatments you select.

To learn more about how a full smile makeover could restore and improve the appearance and function of your teeth this spring, contact us at Silicon Valley Dental Associates now.

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