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Getting a dental implant can change your life for the better; you can chew easily, speak clearly, and enjoy a full, beautiful smile. However, you might need a bone graft first to secure the implant. At Silicon Valley Dental Associates in Sunnyvale, California, dentists Colin Au, DDS, Dianna Fung, DDS, and their team use bone grafting to strengthen your jawbone after bone loss. For more information about the procedure and to find out if you need a bone graft, call Silicon Valley Dental Associates or book an appointment online today.

Bone Grafting Q&A

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a way to add mass to the bone in your jaw after bone loss. When you lose a tooth and its root, the underlying bone can become weak and insufficient. Your jawbone can also deteriorate because of advanced gum disease. While you can prevent bone loss by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, you might decide to get dental implants after the bone loss has already occurred. 

The team at Silicon Valley Dental Associates offers bone grafts using human bone tissue, bovine (cow) bone tissue, and synthetic bone tissue. Your dentist discusses your options with you and helps you select the material to use for your graft. Bone grafts not only add mass to your existing bone, but they also stimulate new bone growth in the area. 

When do I need bone grafting?

At Silicon Valley Dental Associates, the team may recommend bone grafting to you if you want to get dental implants but don’t have enough bone mass in your jaw to support them. Dental implants are post-like metal devices that replace the roots of missing teeth and anchor prosthetics like crowns or dentures. You’ll need to get your bone graft before dental implant surgery, so the team performs digital X-rays beforehand to find out if you have sufficient bone in your jaw to hold the implant or implants. 

The team surgically places your dental implants once your bone graft has completely integrated with your natural jawbone. The integration process takes about three months in total. If you only need a minor bone graft, the team may be able to place the bone graft during the same appointment as your implant surgery. 

What should I expect during bone grafting?

Placing your bone graft requires a simple procedure. The team at Silicon Valley Dental Associates performs bone grafting in the office. They may use local anesthesia to prevent pain and discomfort during the procedure since it requires an incision. They might also offer options for sedation to help you relax.

During the procedure, your dentist makes a small incision in your gums. They add the bone tissue grafting material, which may be in a gel, powder, putty, or granule form. Your bone tissue uses the grafting material as a scaffold to build around. Your dentist closes the incision and helps you book a follow-up appointment to monitor your bone growth.

Your mouth might feel sore for a few days after the bone grafting procedure. You can use ice or over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the discomfort. 

To find out if you need bone grafting for an implant, call Silicon Valley Dental Associates or schedule a consultation online today.